Don’t Play Jenga with Your Business

Technology is a great resource to help businesses comply with new food safety regulations but to be effective they must be built on business processes that are organized and well documented.

Many successful companies are one key person away from utter chaos. When business processes are in the head one person and something happens to that person…it’s ALL GONE FOR GOOD!

In order to have a successful food safety compliance system, whether automated or paper based, it is important to have documented protocol, cross training procedures and carefully mapped out work flows that protect against shutdowns and errors due to the loss of key personnel.

Documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will not only lay the ground work for an effective food safety plan it will enhance the overall operation of your business.

Before you proceed with the implementation of any food safety compliance plan, first make sure that you’re building on a strong foundation of established and documented SOPs.

Don’t play Jenga with your business!