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Let us show you how we can help your company lower costs, improve food safety, and manage compliance to keep your business successful. Visit our Food Safety, Business Processes, and Integration Services pages to learn more about the professional services we offer.

Food Safety


Effective food safety compliance does not need to be complicated and can save you money. ConcernTrak automates non-productive activities and lets you spend more time on your core business.
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Business Processes


ConcernTrak takes a cross-discipline, whole system approach to food safety compliance. Our system adds compliance recording to your regular business activities. Ongoing food safety monitoring should and can become second nature.
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Business Processes


ConcernTrak can help integrate your existing systems with C-Shield and C-Trace to create a seamless workflow without the need for redundant data entry. More importantly, ConcernTrak technology merges food safety activities with your day-to-day business activities.
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Food Safety Consulting


ConcernTrak offers food safety consulting services to create a sustainable food safety culture. Our team consists of senior level food safety experts with extensive knowledge in a broad-base of products, quality assurance and food safety systems.
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