Can You Afford (Survive) a Recall

Many companies already have systems in place to conduct a recall, but how much will a recall cost you and can your company survive financially? The actual costs and risks of a potential recall get little attention. That’s why the input of your company’s owners, legal counsel and CFO is important.

Before deciding on a tracking program, it is crucial to assess the financial risk of a recall and your individual tolerance for that risk. Risk tolerance and the financial resources to weather a recall vary from one business to another. Your tracking program and the degree of lot / composite tracking should match the requirements of all stakeholders, not just those of the food safety or quality assurance departments.

With C-Trace SaaS* technology you can identify, track and surgically recall only the finished product and inventory that contains a contaminated ingredient.

The C-Trace system helps you limit the breadth and depth of a recall and minimize the financial impact on your business in a manner that reflects your tolerance for risk.

ConcernTrak can assist you in evaluating your financial risk in the event of a recall and tailor a tracking program that reflects your tolerance for risk.

* SaaS - Software as a Service