C-Shield Electronic Food Safety Monitor

C-Shield is a SaaS* cloud-based, electronic monitoring system specific to food safety compliance.

With C-Shield, your company can

  • Automate food safety monitoring
  • Eliminate paper logs and end repetitive manual entries
  • Minimize errors and omissions in your records
  • Manage corrective and preventative actions from a single access point
  • Incorporate food safety compliance activities into your existing workflows
  • Receive system updates automatically as compliance procedures evolve


Not Your Traditional ERP System

Typical ERP systems are costly to implement and force significant operational changes to your established business processes in the name of system integration. C-Shield is highly configurable and adaptable to your existing workflow processes. C-Shield all but eliminates the need for you to change your current business processes and reduces implementation time and expense.

  • Configure system field names and headers to your individual specifications
  • Build and modify your own logs
  • Customize activities, alerts and monitoring logs for specific personnel and job functions
  • View multi-company and location monitoring from a single dashboard
  • Minimize on-going programming costs

* SaaS - Software as a Service