The ConcernTrak Difference


ConcernTrak was founded by David Rosenthal, who became aware of the need for improved food safety compliance and traceability systems during his professional career as an importer of nuts and agricultural products. David had the opportunity to witness, first hand, several major food safety recalls. This real-world experience exposed that the industry’s existing systems to ensure food safety were ineffective, resulting in the loss of corporate revenues, brand reputations, and human lives.

During these industry crises, respected food safety certifications proved unreliable and failed to protect businesses from product recalls and related lawsuits. Financially-focused inventory management systems were insufficient to support product traceability requirements, resulting in expanded recalls. Product lot traceability was lost when raw material was blended in the manufacturing process. Paper-based food safety record keeping was in many cases incomplete, inaccurate, and often difficult to merge with lot trace data.

The bottom line is that the industry status quo didn't work. As a result, David Rosenthal organized a  team of experts in food safety, risk management, process engineering, technology, and manufacturing to develop affordable, cost-saving systems to help businesses ensure the safety and integrity of their products, protect their brand, minimize the risk of a recall, and should a recall occur, to minimize its scope and cost to each company in the market.

New Market Requirements

New legislation and demands from retailers are forcing companies to improve the record keeping of food safety protocols.

Traditional paper based systems are costly, labor intensive and vulnerable to errors and omissions.  When a food safety incident occurs, business activities grind to a screeching halt while everyone’s attention is focused on the document gathering process.  Only then do companies discover how ineffective a paper-based system really is.

Concerntrak offers C-Shield and C-Trace to automate the data capture and storage process.  Both C-Shield and C-Trace significantly reduce potential for error, eliminate redundant data entry and allow access to food safety compliance data in real time, allowing for faster corrective action should protocol violations be identified.

Our Approach

Concerntrak merges food safety monitoring and composite lot traceability with your existing business processes to maximize your cost savings and to reduce your risk in the event of a recall.

Our goal is to help you achieve a seamless integration of food safety compliance with your existing business processes.

Other companies offering automated solutions to the food industry were and remain, at their core, technology companies.

ConcernTrak’s central discipline is and always has been food safety.
For this reason, we take a very different approach.

ConcernTrak takes a whole system, cross-discipline approach to food safety compliance and monitoring. Our company has assembled a team of experts from across multiple industries in food safety, business processes, project management, inventory management, technology and systems implementation and integration and more.

Ensuring and documenting compliance need not be an additional activity over and above what you already do. It can and should be an integral part of your day-to-day business activities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the integration of food safety compliance with your business processes a reality and as seamless as possible.

Ongoing food safety monitoring should and can become second nature.

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