Throwing The Rule Book At Business Is Not The Ultimate Answer To A Safer Food Supply

A few days ago, published an article titled The Feds "Modernize" Food Safety Without Making Food Safer.  We agree that this is not the ultimate solution to a safer food supply.

The Food Safety Modernization Act is government’s regulatory attempt to significantly minimize the incidents of food borne illness in the United States. Good intentions notwithstanding, the law and its enforcement will have less impact than intended, especially if businesses lack the effective tools to help them comply.

What FSMA does provide is strong "motivation" for companies to better document their procedures and protocols to avoid fines and possible shutdowns.

Regulators have spilled rivers of ink on WHAT is required and precious little on HOW it can and should be done.  More importantly, HOW does a business do it correctly without wasting effort and time and without breaking the bank?

Washington tells the food industry what to do and now its time for the private sector to come up with effective ways to do it!