Concerntrak & Alpha Systems Tag-Team to Tackle Food Recalls

ConcernTrak Inc. Announces Strategic
Partnership with Alpha Systems

Concerntrak, Inc., a food safety solutions company, announces the formation of a strategic partnership with Alpha Systems, a leader in the distribution and implementation of bar code and data capture technology.  The partnership promises to make food safety compliance easier and more cost effective.

Paper Systems No Longer Make The Grade

With the rising demand from legislators and retailers for improved food safety protocol, food manufacturers are required to have comprehensive record keeping systems to monitor their daily food safety compliance. At present, most manufacturers still use paper-based systems to log the required data. In the event of a food safety incident, many discover that their paper systems are prone to errors and incomplete information that put businesses, jobs and consumers at risk.

Concerntrak and Alpha Systems, both headquartered in the Richmond, Virginia area, provide solutions and services to customers nationwide.  “Having a partner like Alpha Systems so close by is an added benefit for us.  There’s no substitute for meeting face-to-face over a cup of coffee to perfect the integration of our services.  That enhances the comfort level for both our companies,” said David Rosenthal, CEO and founder of Concerntrak, Inc.

ConcernTrak's C-Shield and C-Trace

ConcernTrak's C-Shield and C-Trace technologies automate the record-keeping and lot tracking processes, significantly reducing potential for errors, eliminating redundant data entry. “C-Shield also allows for real-time monitoring to compliance information. As a result, a company using our technology can take corrective actions if and when violations to protocol are identified.  C-Trace, Concerntrak’s lot tracking technology, focuses on tracking raw materials within the manufacturer’s four walls and maintains lot traceability during the manufacturing process,” continued David Rosenthal.

Alpha Systems Virginia

Alpha Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunkar Technologies, Inc., is a leading solutions provider of bar code technology, automated data collection, mobile computing and label media.  “Our sole focus is helping clients improve their performance, cost controls, and global competitiveness.  Concerntrak opens up an underserved market for us. Basically, Concerntrak has the technology solution and Alpha Systems provides the implementation tools on the front line,” said Robert Cook of Alpha Systems.

Together, Concerntrak, Inc. and Alpha Systems will partner with food companies to make their businesses more efficient and more responsive to new compliance requirements.  A cost-effective food safety compliance solution will make food manufacturers more profitable, will protect their brands and reputations and will enhance food safety for their customers.