Providing automated data capture and monitoring solutions for the food and healthcare industry

C‐Degreeº automates temperature monitoring to maintain safe holding temperatures for the food and healthcare industries. Electronically tracks holding temperatures 24/7 to safeguard inventory, reduce labor costs, and provide critical data for regulatory agencies.

Challenges and Solutions for Food Safety Monitoring and Lot Traceability


  • Paper data capture does not show real‐time information
  • Paper systems cannot send alerts if temperature goes out of “Safe Range”
  • Storing paper documents is ineffective, time consuming, and expensive
  • Merging data in paper systems is a cumbersome task
  • Existing technologies require extensive customization
  • Expensive hardware and implementation costs


  • Electronic monitoring and data capture provides 24/7 information
  • Immediate text and email alerts sent when temperature goes out of “Safe Range”
  • Electronic document storage provides immediate access to critical data
  • Merge data from various sources to document compliance and, if necessary, corrective actions
  • ConcernTrak © technologies require minimal customization
  • Affordably priced software licensing and hardware packages


ConcernTrak © Systems address regulatory requirements in an automated system, enabling companies to adapt to the changing landscape of record keeping requirements.